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 The Healer's Way

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Past Life, This Life reading & Healing

This powerful session combines ancient tools for healing with today's care and support.

During this session we will dive into the past, be it in this life a past life or both, to bring closure to anything that may be holding you back.

By seeing what has happened and been experienced in the past, we can see where karmic relationships, repetitive cycles, hurts, traumas, betrayals and of course all the gifts and talents that have continued from one life to the next have filtered through to now.

During these sessions I will use regression therapy, the Akashic records and Reiki to assist you in diving deep into your memories so we can clear and heal anything at it's original source point. The point at which these feelings, experiences etc. occurred for the first time.

By bringing closure to the experiences that have resulted in hurts and trauma, gifts and talents are often revealed that may have otherwise gone unnoticed as a result of your experience here on earth.

In clearing the yuck and bringing forth the good stuff, we become more empowered and more enabled to move past the patterns and behaviors to create the most amazing life we could hope for and dream of.


Neesha, New Zealand

What an absolute gift to have stumbled upon this earth angel along my journey. Nina has offered such beautiful insight into blocks or past life experiences that are shaping the way I see things in the present.

Nina’s biggest gift is offering clarity and giving other women their own power and light to look within themselves while never feeling alone. Amazing experiences that have left me feeling so connected and full of faith x

Caselle, New Zealand

Nina is so warm, beautiful and kind, it's hard not to feel calm and relaxed in her presence. Following my session however, I wasn't just relaxed but actually felt lighter with greater clarity of thought. 

Immediately answers and opportunities began to present themselves and didn't come with the cloud and indecision I would normally experience. My Reiki session with Nina has definitely helped steer me down the haling path I've been trying to find for some time. Amazing experience.

Christina, U.S.A

A phenomenally gifted and super compassionate reader. One of the most insightful readings I have had.

Call: 021 256 6320