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Sound Therapy Sessions

Sound therapy has been shown in studies to affect the psychology and physiology of the body by influencing brainwave frequencies. In this state many different therapeutic processes can occur.

It induces a deep meditation, or an altered state of consciousness (ASC), allowing your body to heal itself at a cellular level. This works by facilitating shifts in our brainwaves, using rhythm and frequencies to move from our normal conscious beta state, to a relaxed alpha state, to theta, a deep meditative state, and optimally delta, where sleep and healing can occur.

Medical studies have shown that Sound Therapy is beneficial in reducing stress levels, by actively reducing cortisol levels when the meditative state is reached. Ailments such as insomnia, inability to focus, infertility, physical issues and mental health diseases have been shown to benefit from this form of therapy.

It is now widely accepted that most illness, or dis-ease, is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness. Through Sound Therapy, your body can vibrate at its optimum frequency, creating an ultimate environment for wellness to occur.

Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, an oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Cornell University in New York, and author of "The Healing Power Of Sound", says that sound "can lower blood pressure, reduce cardiac complications among patients who have recently suffered heart attacks, reduce stress hormones during medical testing and boost natural opiates". He considers sound healing an integrative complementary practice with orthodox western medicines, and uses it in his own practice.


Kym, New Zealand

Loved my session with Nina! What a super star. Really felt very blessed to have had the session I had. Recommend her to anyone who is curious or seeking some answers

Lisa, New Zealand

I went to see Nina for a Reiki session and just wow!!!😍 5 star treatment 👌 🤩 It was the first time I had tried reiki and really didn’t know what to expect. I found the experience to be totally surreal—by the end of my hourlong session I was totally relaxed and felt like a energetic blockage had been released. I felt some shifts and changes in my body. I couldn't explain how her hands felt hot and healing without touch. She has amazing insight and certainly has a gift. I started with a headache which then lifted and I felt clearer afterward for a long period of time! I would definitely recommend her to all my friends. I need to go back for more sessions I can see the benefits over time would enable relaxation, reduce pain and speed healing.🙂

Stephanie, U.S.A

Wow Nina is amazing! I have used other intuitives but no one like Nina! I feel like I have a plan for my health, her guidance was invaluable! She has just a warm, caring demeanor I am so greatful to have found her!

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