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About Me

My name is Nina and I will be guiding and supporting you on your journey.

I have been able to connect with and see my angels and spirit since I was little, which lead me down a path exploring all things "other-worldly" . Over the course of my life, I have trained in many modalities including Reiki, Theta, Past-Life Regression Therapy & Acupressure to name a few. 

My gifts as a clairvoyant and medium have been a super help when in session. I use a variety of skills and tools in every session to ensure the greatest outcome for my clients.

So if you are feeling the call to develop a deeper connection to your Angelic team, to start living to your full potential, improve your health, discover your true purpose or you simply feel that there is so much more to life and your want to dive deep, then now is the time to book!. 

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Ready to Connect with your Angels?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to connect with your Angelic team, but you have no idea where to start?

Well, look no further, our in depth self-paced online course, you will be given everything you need to develop the skills and start working some serious magic in your life and the lives of others!

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Ready to end repetitive cycles?!

Have you ever found that you seem to meet the same types of people or situations all the time? Same person different place, same experience different place?! 

The karma these experiences bring can be ended, instead of being in evolution we can get stuck in revolution, meaning that instead of expanding beyond an experience we get stuck in a cycle of reliving it time and time again.

There are simple processes that can be done to end the cycles and clear the way for you to step into a new vibration of living.

Ready to end these cycles?

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Be the Master of your Abundance

Ever felt that your desire for manifesting wealth, be it in the form of money, more time, or whatever abundance means to you, it has always been just beyond your grasp?

What if I told you, that you could change it in a moment. The problem we tend to face, is not the "positive mindset" but the underlying belief system backing everything you do! Beliefs can come from a number of places, it could be something you inherited from your family, it could be Karmic, it could be tied into your sense of self-worth. 

No matter where this belief stems from, if we address the source of the problem, the symptoms (in this case abundance or lack there of) no longer lack. 

Keen to set the wheels in motion to change this pattern for good?

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Letting go of the Past

We all have a story to tell, our stories are what make us who we are today and are incredibly valuable as a result. You would not be who you are today if it was not for your experiences in this life. 

In saying that, some of us have been here MANY times and although the story of those lives may have ended when you did 200+ years ago, your soul doesn't recognise that, and therefore the experiences and memories of that life or lives play out subconsciously today.

If you have ever felt triggered by anything in this life that you have no real explanation for, it is likely a past life memory is being triggered.

By clearing the past and past life trauma and bringing closure to those stories we "clear the fog" so to speak, bringing much clarity into your life on ALL fronts.

For Example: Clearing the karma with a love relationship archetype for example can clear the way for your Soul Mate to enter into your life. 

N.B: a relationship archetype is for example entering into new relationship where you seem to end up with the same person every time, they just have a different face.... ring any bells?

Ready to let go of you past???!!!

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See what some clients had to say


New Zealand

I have been receiving Reiki from Nina for over 2 years and have had numerous sessions. Psychologically I have experienced a reduction in stress and negative thinking after these sessions.

On a physical level Nina has been able to pick up on injuries or places my body is holding trauma and release it. She is able to use her knowledge of past lives to help my healing and my understanding of my spiritual journey.

It is always a relaxing treat to see Nina for a session. I always feel more grounded and at peace. I would highly recommend her.


New Zealand

Nina is so warm, beautiful and kind, it's hard not to feel calm and relaxed in her presence. Following my session however, I wasn't just relaxed but actually felt lighter with greater clarity of thought. Immediately answers and opportunities began to present themselves and didn't come with the cloud and indecision I would normal experience. My Reiki session with Nina has definitely helped steer me down the haling path I've been trying to find for some time. Amazing experience.


New Zealand

I went into the session knowing very little about reiki but experiencing very high stress levels and frequent headaches. The session was really good, so calming.

I walked out feeling lighter and less tense in my shoulder and neck area. Haven’t had any headaches for 2 weeks and still feel the benefits.

I would recommend The Healer's Way, Nina is very approachable, non judgmental, and a very pleasant person, she was amazing and puts you at ease immediately.


New Zealand

Nina is amazing! She has such a calming effect and I recommend her to everyone! The day after my first Reiki session I notice my dermatitis which had been flaring up for months was beginning to heal, something I hadn’t even mentioned or expected from the session.


New Zealand

Nina is so amazing, I feel calm, relaxed and happy after every session. Nina’s intuition is fantastic and guides you through your treatment. I am very blessed to have found Nina.


New Zealand

I had a wonderful reiki session with Nina. She has a lighthearted and caring approach. I felt relaxed, invigorated and also enlightened after our session.


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Fri & Sat 10am-2pm