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Jaimee, New Zealand

Nina is such a beautiful person. I have been in touch with her a couple of times and she is always spot on. Most recently she did some healing work on my daughter releasing some heavy energy being held from past life trauma.

This allowed her body to heal from her eczema, I truly wish I had a before and after photo. The results are amazing!

Highly recommend and I will most certainly be back!

Stephanie, U.S.A

Wow Nina is amazing! I have used other intuitives but no one like Nina! I feel like I have a plan for my health, her guidance was invaluable! She has just a warm, caring demeanor I am so grateful to have found her!

Christina, California U.S.A

A phenomenally gifted and super compassionate reader. One of the most insightful readings I have had on Purple so far.

Elizabeth, New Zealand

Thank you, I really benefited from my session with you and found you very easy to talk to and ask questions. I really appreciate your time and sharing your incredible gift to heal.

Lisa, New Zealand

I went to see Nina for a Reiki session and just wow!!! 5 star treatment. It was the first time I had tried reiki and really didn’t know what to expect. I found the experience to be totally surreal—by the end of my hourlong session I was totally relaxed and felt like a energetic blockage had been released. I felt some shifts and changes in my body.

I couldn't explain how her hands felt hot and healing without touch. She has amazing insight and certainly has a gift. I started with a headache which then lifted and I felt clearer afterward for a long period of time! I would definitely recommend her to all my friends. I need to go back for more sessions I can see the benefits over time would enable relaxation, reduce pain and speed healing.

Carron, New Zealand

I am so incredibly grateful that I had the privilege of receiving both guidance n healing from this humble Energy beacon. How fortunate that I was guided to reconnect with you Nina.

Thank you for your Light n for caring. I am looking forward to further healing n growth sessions with you...much aroha beautiful Wahine Toa.

Helen, New Zealand

Felt very comfortable with Nina and felt she tuned in well with me and most helpful.

Antony, Australia

Picked up on a lot of things, very good. Good insight.

Jaimee, New Zealand

Nina is simply amazing! Even my guides didn’t expect I’d be able to heal so quickly! Nina you are wonderful! Xxx

Neesha, Wellington NZ

What an absolute gift to have stumbled upon this earth angel along my journey. Nina has offered such beautiful insight into blocks or past life experiences that are shaping the way I see things in the present.

Nina’s biggest gift is offering clarity and giving other women their own power and light to look within themselves while never feeling alone. Amazing experiences that have left me feeling so connected and full of faith x

Lisa, Swannanoa NZ

Nina is a joy to be around and has a calm and relaxed presence. She is extremely talented, accurate and has helped me in many ways. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone!

Nicole, West Eyreton NZ

Nina helped my Husband and I through a challenging time in regards to hubby's mental health. She was amazing in all areas and Hubby came home with many tools to help him move forwards.

I made an appointment for my self too! Her knowledge is extensive and covers such a wide spectrum and her mannerism is so warm and inviting. You really feel at home. Until next time Nina, thanks again x

Hazel, Christchurch NZ

I had a lovely reiki session with Nina. She has a lighthearted and caring approach. I felt relaxed, invigorated and also enlightened after our session.

Ange, Christchurch NZ

Nina is amazing! She has such a calming effect and I recommend her to everyone! The day after my first Reiki session I notice my dermatitis which had been flaring up for months was beginning to heal, something I hadn’t even mentioned or expected from the session.

Alison, Rangiora NZ

Nina is so amazing, I feel calm, relaxed and happy after every session. Nina’s intuition is fantastic and guides you through your treatment. I am very blessed to have found Nina.

Sarah, Fernside NZ

I have been receiving Reiki from Nina for over 2 years and have had numerous sessions. Psychologically I have experienced a reduction in stress and negative thinking after these sessions. On a physical level Nina has been able to pick up on injuries or places my body is holding trauma and release it.

She is able to use her knowledge of past lives to help my healing and my understanding of my spiritual journey. It is always a relaxing treat to see Nina for a session. I always feel more grounded and at peace. I would highly recommend her.

Caselle, Ohoka NZ

Nina is so warm, beautiful and kind, it's hard not to feel calm and relaxed in her presence. Following my session however, I wasn't just relaxed but actually felt lighter with greater clarity of thought. 

Immediately answers and opportunities began to present themselves and didn't come with the cloud and indecision I would normally experience. My Reiki session with Nina has definitely helped steer me down the haling path I've been trying to find for some time. Amazing experience.

Tash, Ohoka NZ

I went into the session knowing very little about reiki but experiencing very high stress levels and frequent headaches. The session was really good, so calming.

I walked out feeling lighter and less tense in my shoulder and neck area. Haven’t had any headaches for 2 weeks and still feel the benefits. I would recommend The Healer's Way, Nina is very approachable, non judgmental, and a very pleasant person, she was amazing and puts you at ease immediately.

Adia, U.S.A

Wonderful reading, thank you so much!





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