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Sound Bathing Classes 2024


Sound baths provide an immersive, full-body listening experience that can bring balance, relaxation, and a sense of calm to your whole being. Unlike certain meditations or breathwork practices, sound baths don't involve much guidance. Instead, they call on the participant to be present, listen and relax. 

When you settle in for your sound bath, you lie down, get cozy with a blanket and an eye mask, and allow stillness to wash over you. By allowing yourself to follow the sounds and the sensations they bring through your body and around your body you surrender into a deep state of healing, rest and recovery. Your body has permission to slow down and rest, to receive without the need to respond or react.

By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves, and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur)."

Some Benefits

1. Deeper states of consciousness

2. Increased well-being

3. A chance to recharge

4. Self-awareness

5. Accelerated healing

6. Reduce anxiety

7. Improve overall mental health, and many more...

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