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Soul Illumination Sessions

These signature sessions are simply the full package, the journey starts with some pre-session preparation which is done two weeks prior to the session and is completed via email.

The second step is the session itself where we start with a consultation, reading, reiki, regression therapy and finishing off with a debrief as to what was seen, came up and what was cleared.

Regression therapy is a deep start of relaxation or hypnosis that takes you into theta state where the subconscious can be accessed. You are in control throughout the session. 

The session runs for two hours and works through each of these steps to release any blocks be it physical or energetic, clear karma from all experiences and lives that need to be addressed, and reconnect you on a soul level so that you are fully aligned with your soul path, and have the clarity to know exactly where to go from here. 

The intention behind each of these amazing sessions to empower you in ways that leave you feeling lighter, brighter and more certain of your path and purpose in this life. 

Call: 021 256 6320